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Does Red Ant OS derivate from Linux? Yes "OpenSUSE - ( Linux )"
Which Version of Linux Kernel used in Red Ant OS? "3.7.10 (the latest version)"
What is the Size of Red Ant OS? Red Ant Enterprise is 1.6 GB & Red Ant Lite is 1.3 GB
What is the major difference between RedAnt Enterprise Version & Lite Version? Red Ant Lite comes with less number of applications compared to Enterprise Version
Which applications are installed in RedAnt Lite ( Default OS comes with XL-500 to use as Type1 Device / Thin Client )? These are the applications which has installed in Red Ant Lite, Calculator, Notepad, Word, Excel, RDP Session Clients like 'Remmina' and 'TS Client', Mozilla Firefox, Skype, PDF Reader, VMware view Client etc.,
Which applications are installed in Red Ant Enterprise ( To use XL-500 as Both Type1 and Type2 / Mini Desktop )? In addition to applications installed in RedAnt lite, it has Latest Citrix Receiver, 2X Client, NX Client, Zoiper, Putty, LibreOffice, Simple scan etc.,
Could you please tell me which Connection Managers are  installed in XL-500 with RedAnt OS? Connection managers like, 2X client, NX Client, Remmina Remote Desktop Client, Terminal Server Client, VMware View open Client, Citrix Receiver etc., are installed. 
Are there any Protocols Installed?  Yes, those are freerdp, rdesktop, ICA, nx protocol etc.,
What is the difference between freerdp and rdesktop protocols? The Basic difference is 'freerdp' supports a color depth of 32 bit and RemoteFX, whereas 'rdesktop' supports only 24 bit color depth apart from this, freerdp supports Sound Input in RDP sessions where as rdesktop doesn't
Which Version of Protocol has installed? The Version of rdesktop is 1.7 & freerdp version is 1.0
What is the maximum resolution supported in our Red Ant OS? 2048 x 2048
Can we install windows applications on top of RedAnt OS? Yes through windows emulator called 'wine' (but not recommended)
What is the booting time of RedAnt OS? Less than 10 seconds after POST(Power On Self Test)
Does it supports Google Chrome?  Yes and even you can use Mozilla Firefox V 20.0
Has Java been installed on RedAnt OS? Yes, Java v 1.7
Does RedAnt OS supports KIOSK mode? Yes
Flash Plugins are installed? Versions? Yes, Version 11.2
Which applications (Video player) we can use to play Videos in RedAnt OS? 'mplayer2' and it's Frontend is 'smplayer2'
What Office Applications installed in RedAnt Lite? 'abiword' which is equivalent of Microsoft Word and 'gnumeric' which is like MS Excel.
What Office Applications installed in RedAnt Ent? Complete Suite of Libreoffice version 3.6
Does RedAnt OS Supports Printing in Local OS as well as in RDP Sessions? Yes, most of the USB and Parallel Port Printers works in RedAnt OS
What Printers are supported? You can refer to http://www.openprinting.org/printers
Can we share a Printer connected to XL-500 with RedAnt OS with Other Windows or Linux servers in the same network? Yes through 3 different methods
What are the ways to share a printer with Other Windows Servers or Desktop PC's? You can do it in three ways:-  1.Through SAMBA, 2.IPP sharing, 3.HP Jet Direct
What File System used in RedAnt OS? ext3
Is RedAnt OS is Customizable? Yes
Can we make RedAnt OS Read-Only (means no modifications should be possible) Yes
What is the Maximum Capacity of RAM that can be installed on XL-500 with RedAnt OS? RedAnt OS doesn't limit RAM size but XL-500 hardware supports maximum of 4 GB
Do we have Audio Output Supports in RedAnt OS (Both Locally and in RDP Sessions)? Yes
Is there Audio Input & Output Supports in RDP Sessions? (when Windows as an Server OS) Yes
Is Audio Input & Output Supports in RDP Sessions? (when Linux as an Server OS) No
What is the Linux Equivalent to Windows Terminal Services? xrdp
Is Audio Input Supports in RDP Sessions (when Windows 7 Professional as Server OS) No, Only Sound Output is Possible.
Which Scanners are  tested in RedAnt (Local OS)? HP Flatbed scanner 2400 are tested 
Are USB Data Cards also  tested in RedAnt (Local OS)? Reliance ZTE AC 2737
Does XL-500 with RedAnt Ent. has the Ability to Play HD Videos Locally? Yes, You can Play HD Videos with 1080p Resolution



We have been absolutely delighted with the RDP Thin Client products and services rendered by them. The integrated hardware & software package together with friendly after sales support and maintenance, has enabled us a high quality internal communications.

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Education, Puttaparthy

The customer service I've experienced towards RDP Zero Clients has been top notch. Not only there is ease in dealing with them, also there is true care and concern in making sure support tickets are closed till customer satisfaction and lead-times are accurate. Quality in hardware is exemplary!

TV 5 News Channel, Hyderabad

We have been working with RDP for more than a years , they are creative, precise and have a strong customer service ethic – we look forward to maintain a long relationship with you.

Malla Reddy Group of Colleges, Hyderabad

We have installed thin client technology at our engineering colleges and successfully running 150 clients on two servers. We saved a lot on cost, maintenance and power consumption. We recommend this technology to all other colleges and institutes.


We started using RDP Computing which was flexible and provided finest Business continuity in terms of performance and management is very easy. RDP emerge strong and lived up to the expectations. We are delightful to cherish the 2year long association with RDP Computing.

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