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What is Zero Client? Please Refer the Beautiful video explaining graphically in Zero Client Page
What is Multipoint Server? Please Refer the Beautiful video explaining graphically in Zero Client Page
How many types of Zero Clients are available from RDP? Multipoint USB over LAN workstation(Z-102), Multipoint USB workstation(Z-100)
Where Zero Clients are Recommended to Use? Zero Clients are Especially made to use in Educational Institutions & SMB's
What are the Supporting Server OS for Zero Clients? Windows Multipoint server 2012 & Windows Multipoint server 2011 ( Both Standard & Premium )
How many Clients can be connected in Windows Multipoint Server 2011/2012 Standard Versions? 5 and 10 no's of Z100 and Z102 Respectively
How many Clients can be connected in Windows Multipoint Server 2012 Premium Versions? 10 and 20 no's of Z100 and Z102 Respectively
How to Connect Keyboard & Mouse to Server (which is installed WMS) Keyboard & Mouse must be Connected thru USB hub to the Server PC ( Please do not Connect Directly )
What is the Configuration required?  Display Sharing Technology, VDS-Virtual Desktop Sharing
How to Connect Z100 to the Server PC? Z-100 should be connected thru USB Cable ( The USB Cable Length MUST be less than 5 Meters )
Can we Change the Resolution of Zero Clients as per the Monitor Recommendations? Yes
Which Type of Networking is Preferred for Z102? 1000Mbps ( 1Gbps ) is MUST Recommended , 10/100 is also OK but Video Performance will be inferior
Does it supports Audio Input and Output? yes
Can we Connect Laptop to Multipoint Server? choose multipoint manage ► Home ► save connection settings to file click on it ► you get a window to save a file, connect a Pen drive to the current system and save the file in a Pen drive, now remove the Pen drive and connect to the laptop, open the file and enter the credentials of WMS system now you will be able to access the multipoint server.
NOTE: laptop and multipoint server must be in a same network
Do we have types of Windows Multipoint Server OS? Windows Multipoint server 2012 & Windows Multipoint server 2011. In Both Standard & Premium Versions are Available
How to Connect XL-500, ML-100, AW-100 in Windows Multipoint Server 2011 / 2012? start ► run ► gpedit.msc ► computer configuration ► administrative templates ► windows components ► remote desktop services ► remote desktop session host ► security ► require use of security layer for remote RDP connection ►right click ► edit ► enable
Does it supports USB Printers? No
Does Web Cam works on Zero Clients? No
Can We run Maya Application? Recommended to Run*
What about Oracle Application Compatibility? Oracle 10g, 11i, 12c are tested and working fine (but Oracle 9i is not working)
Does it supports to  run Graphic Applications ( like Photoshop ) Recommended to Run*
Does it supports 3D Animation Graphics Playing / Training? Recommended to Run*
Can I Connect Pen Drive to Z102? Yes
Zero Clients Placing Options Desktop / Monitor Back
Will Audio Output Works on the zero clients when the Server Screen is Projected? NO.
Maximum Capacity of RAM supported by WMS 2012 Premium 64GB* ( Motherboard Compatibility is also Required )
Maximum Resolution supported by Z-100? 1920 * 1080 ( Graphic Card May be Required in the Server )
Maximum Resolution supported by Z-102? 1920 * 1080 ( Graphic Card May be Required in the Server )
Is UI ( User Interface ) of Windows Multi-point Server 2012 is Equal to Windows 8 OS Yes
Can we Connect More than 20 in WMS 2012 Premium? NO, It is the Limitation Set by Microsoft for its Operating System
Do we have possibility to Connect Z-100 / Z-102 to Linux Servers? NO, These Zero Clients Exclusively Works in Windows Multi-point Server OS Platform
Can we Connect Traditional Thin Clients to WMS? Yes, But the Maximum No of Clients Limit MUST not exceed 20
Where I can Buy WMS 2012 OS? You can BUY from any of the Authorized Microsoft Distributors Across INDIA - Microsoft is providing Special Discounted Prices for Educational Institutions
Maximum Video Resolution in Z-100 is? Upto 1680 * 1050 ( Graphic Card May be Required in the Server )
Maximum Video Resolution in Z-102 is? Upto 1920 * 1024 ( Graphic Card May be Required in the Server )
What is the Operating Temperature for Zero Clients? Max 48 Degree Celsius
How much Power it Consumes? Less than 3 Watts
Is there Remote Server Connectivity ( Thru Internet ) in Zero clients? No
On What Protocols Zero Clients are Working? RDP 7.1 / 8.0
Do we have Wireless Zero Client? No
Is there any Native OS in the Zero Client? No ( Because it is Zero Client )
What Anti-virus Tested and Working Fine? yes, they are 1.system center endpoint protection, 2. ESET Antivirus, 3. McAfee virus scan enterprise, 4.symantic protection suite
What is the MTBF ( Mean Time Before Failure ) for Zero Clients? 4.9 Lack Hours
Do we have Card Reader Access in WMS? Yes
Can we run C, C++? Recommended top run* ( Note: half Screen )
Can i run Visual Basics? Recommended top run*
How can we connect Z102 Device? Is it through LAN Yes, Zero Client ( Connection to Server thru LAN )
Does Z100 also be connected through LAN?  No, Z-100 connect to Server thru USB cables only  - ( MAX 5 meters* )



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The customer service I've experienced towards RDP Zero Clients has been top notch. Not only there is ease in dealing with them, also there is true care and concern in making sure support tickets are closed till customer satisfaction and lead-times are accurate. Quality in hardware is exemplary!

TV 5 News Channel, Hyderabad

We have been working with RDP for more than a years , they are creative, precise and have a strong customer service ethic – we look forward to maintain a long relationship with you.

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We have installed thin client technology at our engineering colleges and successfully running 150 clients on two servers. We saved a lot on cost, maintenance and power consumption. We recommend this technology to all other colleges and institutes.


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